Enjoy all your charter boat has to offer with peace of mind when you’ve properly protected your investment through insurance. Whether your damage is small or a total loss, our agency can help you find coverage that protects your investment. The two most common options are Agreed Value and Actual Cash Value insurance.

Agreed Value Insurance

When choosing this insurance, you have a pre-determined amount that you will receive if damage occurs. That amount will be factored in agreement of the insurer and owner. In the event of a total loss, for example, the owner will receive the full stated amount. Wear and tear will not be factored into the determining value of the boat.

Actual Cash Value Insurance

When choosing this insurance, you will receive payment in the event of damage or loss defined by the value of the boat at the time. In other words, your approved claim will most likely result in replacement costs minus depreciation (the decreased value of your boat over time as it degrades due to age and wear and tear). When we look at upfront costs, this option is normally less than Agreed Value insurance.

Determining the value of your charter boat and how that applies when securing insurance requires experienced help. Our independent insurance agent, Bill, has aided many charter boat owners in finding the best insurance policy for their needs and will always break it down so you understand exactly what you’re paying for. Give us a call to learn more about how to protect your investments!