If you’re thinking of starting a business or looking to review your current coverage, it’s a great idea to look at worker’s comp. In many states it’s a mandatory coverage. However, as a business owner, it doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

There are several different types of workers’ comp benefits. The most common types include: medical care, rehabilitation, cash benefits, and supplemental benefits.

Worker’s Comp vs Health Benefits
The biggest difference between workers’ compensation and health insurance is health insurance covers injuries that are sustained outside of the workplace. Workers’ compensation covers injuries that occur at the workplace. Employers are required to purchase insurance that covers work-related injuries but are not required to offer health insurance.

If an injury should occur on company grounds, it’s important for both the employee and employer to document the incident, what led up to the incident, and the steps taken in the aftermath.

Rates vary depending on what your business is and what company you’re insured through. Your agent should be checking rates every year. We can go through your plan and policy. We will additionally check your loss prevention program add on.

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